Wheeler Collection

As marketers we often think that we’ve seen it all, just about every type of product or service has walked through our door over the years. Wheeler Collection is undoubtly different. A luxury trading card company, Wheeler Collection’s unique Treasure Chest box contains 10 cards, 3 high end repacks straight from Wheeler’s private vault and 7 original cards featuring custom front and and back artwork and a variety of embedded gems.
Some cards feature gold bars while other’s have rare silver mints of wildlife, symphonic or American eagle coins.
It was a unique and fun challenge for Fuller Creative to develop these unique designs, leaving space for the embedded gems found within. A complete marketing packaged, we’ve been with Wheeler Collection from designing their logo, to developing their website, forum, online store with custom currency and elaborate tradeshow presence. Even sending two members of our executive team to The National in 2015 to help set up, tear down and present the message to Wheeler’s market.

Project Details

Client: Wheeler Collection
Category: Agency of Record


Unique Card Designs

Fuller Creative had a hand in developing all the original content found in each box of Wheeler Collection's Legends and Treasures series. This included nearly 500 unique card sides as well as stickers, promotional items and one-off web exclusives.

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Beckett Magazine Ad

This back cover ad in the November Beckett magazine was a great way to announce this new product to it's market. Nobody could have foreseen Rousey's shocking loss in her next fight, making this an item almost as rare and valuable as the cards in the collection!

First Release Cards

These are just some of the original content cards created for the first release.