Edge Up Sports


Edge Up Sports™ is a mobile app start-up located in Kansas City. Edge Up Sports™ had a fantastic idea in using the power of IBM’s Watson computing systems to analyze performance data from teams and players all across the NFL and synthesize it for fantasy football fans.  This approach eliminates the hassle, making fantasy football fun again.


Edge Up Sports™ came to us in the initial stages of planning their successful Kickstarter campaign. They knew their product, but wanted a great way to start the conversation about fantasy football. First, Fuller Creative animated their logo in a way that sold tech, power, and the futuristic feel of the brand. Then we planned, shot, and edited a series of funny videos for their social media feeds. Each video, in less than 20 seconds, creates buzz about the new product and provides a link to the services offered. We also handled their social media presence during the funding period and during the first few rounds of testing. With every video shared by fantasy football fans, fantasy football widows, fantasy football widowers, and news site the website and the kickstarter grew.


Not only did Edge Up Sports reach the required funding levels, but our careful management of their social media profiles, and engaging with their audience, resulted in hundreds of thousands of impressions and strong engagement across the board. Edge Up Sports™ was profiled by multiple mainstream tech magazines, websites, and the mainstream media resulting in Kickstarter success. The first video represents how we feel about our client’s campaigns.

Project Details

Client: Edge Up Sports
Category: Video Production